Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

Call # FIC GRI

Over the weekend I read one of the best books I’ve read all year: Burning Blue by Paul Griffin. I was in the middle of another book that I really like when Mr. Brough’s new book order came in and this book caught my eye right away. The cover shows a beautiful girl with half of her face obscured and the tag line reads, “Beauty can be stolen in just seconds…” Then I opened the front flap and I knew I had to bring the book home with me for the weekend. The book is about Nicole, who is thought to be the most beautiful girl in her high school until someone throws acid at her, burning the side of her face. No one sees who did it but Jay, the narrator, is determined to find out. Jay doesn’t really know Nicole, but a chance meeting in the school psychologist’s waiting room leads them to a friendship. Jay is a quiet, nerdy guy and their friendship seems unlikely to everyone at school, but they actually have a lot in common. Jay has epilepsy and had a really embarrassing seizure in front of the entire student body. The closer Jay and Nicole get the more Jay is determined to find the person responsible for throwing the acid. He uses his incredible skills as a hacker which is really funny because to everyone else he acts like he can barely send a text message.

I absolutely loved Jay; he seemed like someone I would totally want to be friends with. I also enjoyed getting to know the supporting characters, especially Nicole, who had a lot more depth than the typical gorgeous, ultra-popular girl. The mystery was also really good; I liked following along as Jay used his cyber-sleuthing skills to unravel the maze of clues that he encountered. I think my favorite part of the book, though was the tone. I was worried that it might be depressing because of the subject matter, but Jay’s voice added a lighter element to it. All in all this was just an awesome read!


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